San Francisco
July 6, 2016

Real-Time Rails Apps with WebSockets

WebSockets are an efficient way for your users to stay connected to the server. Most commonly, they are used to send chat messages and send updates to all users who are visiting a page at a particular time. **Location: 2nd Floor Conference Room at Locus Health, 1 Morton Drive

This will be a hands-on class, covering WebSockets and alternatives such as Pusher and AJAX (long polling). We will also show a variety of other tools that are helpful for Rails developers to know such as Sinatra and Heroku. We will explore WebSockets on their own and how they are packaged into the upcoming Rails 5 release as ActionCable.

2:45pm Pacific - 4:45pm Pacific on July 6, 2016 at Locus Health
7 students were there


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