San Francisco
September 11, 2014

ToDo Two: to do some styles for you

In this second beginner lesson, we're going to take what we scaffolded last week and make it beautiful (or at least less ugly).

Lesson Outline

Last week we scaffolded a rails app with a single resource representing an item on our todo list. You can grab the code at and review the steps we took to build it at

This week we want to make our todo app look nice, so we're going to jump into CSS, a descriptive web styling language. To help with this, we're going to use some wonderful tools maintained by our friends at Thoughtbot:

  • Bourbon - helps us write some advanced styles more quickly with fewer errors
  • Neat - helps us perform grid-based layout
  • Bitters - gives us some nice default styles
  • Refills - provides pre-packaged patterns and components that we can use right away

Don't worry if you missed last week, we'll show you how to grab the code. We'll focus mostly on design and styling this week. We'll also have tables for your laptops, since we saw how annoying it was to actually use our laps last week :)

2:30pm Pacific - 4:30pm Pacific on September 11, 2014 at Center for Open Science
8 students were there


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