San Francisco
July 16, 2013

Ruby Level 2: Blocks, Exceptions, and Writing A Webpage Scraper

This class is a followup to the introductory Ruby programming language course taught at Rails School. It will cover the basics of what blocks are, how errors are handled in Ruby, and exhibit some of these concepts in a simple webpage scraper.

In Level 2: Blocks, Exceptions and a Webpage Scraper, we will cover the following topics. This class assumes that:


  • Blocks
    • How are blocks defined?
    • Typical usage of blocks
    • Relationship between Blocks and Methods
  • Exceptions
    • How Ruby represents errors
    • Syntax for specifying error handlers - rescue and ensure clauses
    • Common types of errors
    • The error hierarchy
  • A Simple Webpage Scraper
    • Downloading webpages: using OpenURI
    • Webpage structure: reading HTML
    • Finding a tag: using regular expressions
    • Putting it all together

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on July 16, 2013 at Noisebridge
16 students were there


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