San Francisco
December 16, 2014

Service Objects in Rails

Service Objects are a common pattern in Rails programming that are great for organizing complex controller methods. They are also a great intro into using basic object-oriented programming design within Rails.

As an application grows it is common for lots of logic to end up in controllers, and pretty soon controller methods become overly complex and hard to manage. Service Objects are a common solution to this problem.

Service objects are Plain Old Ruby Objects that make programming in Rails much more simple and easy to manage. We'll learn how to use Service Objects in Rails, and also talk about how we can use other common object oriented patterns within the context of Rails. You can have more than just models, views and controllers!

This class is suitable for all skill levels, but you should have a basic familiarity with Ruby the language and Ruby on Rails the web application framework. If you know another similar language and framework you'll be fine.

I will post a link to a Google Hangout on the whiteboard at class time.

Edit 12/11 -- the class will be at Noisebridge at 2169 Mission Street in San Francisco. This is the usual location for RailsSchool San Francisco.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on December 16, 2014 at Noisebridge
7 students were there


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