San Francisco
May 20, 2014

Rails Learning Stoppers

If Rails is supposed to be easy to learn, why am I having such difficulty?

Okay, I’ll be that guy: If Rails is supposed to be easy to learn, why am I having such difficulty? Because Rails is BIG and a number of the most popular online resources simply throw too much at you at once. So this is yet another run through of Rails basics with attention to typical stoppers (specifically: routing, params, MVC, simple database access) — examples will be drawn from a smaller framework called Sinatra. From my experience, working with Sinatra helps to clarify some of the basic magic going on with Rails that remains mysterious to many novices.


  • Presentation on Why is Learning Rails So Hard? - 30 mins

  • Walk through of implementation in Sinatra - 30-45 mins

  • Discussion, bonus walkthrough as time permits

If you want to follow along, already have a Ruby on Rails environment set up on your machine, just type “gem install sinatra” from your terminal to save a bit of time. Or just show up and we’ll see what we can do.

As usual, we will post a google hangouts link on the whiteboard for those of you following at home.

ps In reviewing the timing for this workshop, we’ll probably have time for routes, params, the “VC” in “MVC” and a basic session. We’ll leave models for a part 2 — we would rather have you absorb this basic knowledge than to cram.

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class session recording on Youtube

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on May 20, 2014 at Noisebridge
21 students were there


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