San Francisco
April 23, 2013

Rails Getting Started Guide In-Depth

We're going to run through the Getting Start Guide, stopping to answer "Why?" and go into details

50th class!!! Heart Heart Heart

We'll have a party to celebrate some time after Rails conf (venue suggestions anybody?)

This lesson came out of feedback from Catch-up Day IV.

Please have already completed or nearly completed the Rails Getting Started Guide on your own before class.

We're going to be on Google Hangouts in order to include people unable to make it to Noisebridge. Check the Whiteboard at 7pm Pacific for the Hangout link.

PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE NO CLASS THE WEEK AFTER THIS CLASS - APRIL 30 (the Rails School team will be at Rails Conf)

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on April 23, 2013 at Noisebridge
14 students were there


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