San Francisco
December 6, 2016

Intro to Phoenix in Berkeley

A 2-part introduction to Phoenix, the web framework for Elixir.

This part 1 of a 2-part class/discussion co-hosted with the East Bay Rails Meetup Group at the Berkeley Public library's Central Branch, in the 3rd-floor classroom (we'll have signs up). It starts at 5:30 pm instead of our usual 7 pm.

Part two is here

Phoenix is a web framework written in Elixir. Elixir is a functional language, built on Erlang, but with a Ruby-like syntax. Elixir promises fast, concurrent, reliable code.

Phoenix builds on Elixir, and also on frameworks like Rails, to create a productive and scalable web development framework. In other words, Phoenix is awesome. Think the power of Elixir and the productivity of Rails. Phoenix is also simpler than Rails in a lot of ways.

In this class we will build a very simple JSON API using Phoenix. We will also write tests. This class is meant as an introduction to Phoenix, and we depending on interest we might do follow up classes on more specific subjects.

Expect to be inspired to build stuff in Phoenix, and have a good idea where to start! Also, Phoenix has some new ideas that can improve our work in more "traditional" environments.

This class assumes familiarity with MVC-type web frameworks, and also assumes some basic familiarity with Elixir. If you are new to Elixir, this is a great intro

A hangout will be posted on the whiteboard before class.

NOTE - space may be limited so please RSVP.

5:30pm Pacific - 7:30pm Pacific on December 6, 2016 at Berkeley Central Library
25 students were there


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