San Francisco
March 26, 2015

Jumping On The Rails

In the last class we picked our projects and dipped our feet into HTML and CSS. This week we'll be diving deep into HTML and CSS to start building out our applications using the Rails framework.

Before Class

  • Have an idea you want to work on for the next several weeks
  • Sketch out some basics of the idea using wireframes (see last week's class for details)
  • Install Ruby and Rails on your laptop. See our FAQ for links on how to do this. If you can't get this working, or it's too intimidating, then create a free account on or come early to class on Thursday and we'll help you get set up.

Learning Objectives

  • understand what a rails project structure looks like
  • know what the view layer is
  • know where to put html code
  • basic understanding of the purpose of a layout

Lesson Details

This lesson will have a short (30 minutes) presentation, followed by a long session of learning by trying (90 minutes). Don't feel like you need to follow along during the presentation, as instructors and TAs will be available to help you during the 90 minute coding session.

  1. Quick overview of a rails project structure - we're not going to go in-depth, but we'll see where the html and css go
  2. Demonstration of adding content to the app using HTML
  3. Demonstration of styling content by adding appropriate CSS classes (using the bootstrap framework).
  4. Start working on our own projects, adding components to build out a single page from our applications.


2:30pm Pacific - 4:30pm Pacific on March 26, 2015 at Coshx Labs
10 students were there


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