San Francisco
April 21, 2015

Introduction to NW.js

Build desktop apps using HTML & JS only

In this lesson, I will introduce you to NW.js (formerly known as Node-Webkit). Using this tool, HTML and JS, we will learn how to design desktop applications in an elegant way.

In the meantime, we will use common web tools such as Yeoman, Bower and Grunt.

Before going to the class, please ensure you have those 4 apps installed on your machine. This lesson is suitable for beginners but old sea dogs are welcome too.

Be sure to complete the following Codewars challenge before class! (If your RailsSchool profile includes your Codewars username, you'll get a nifty star if you complete the challenge.)

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on April 21, 2015 at Noisebridge
13 students were there


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