San Francisco
May 24, 2016

Intro to React and Redux

A walk through of how to use Redux and React to build JavaScript-based web applications

React is a great library, but it's really only for handling the view layer. To build full-fledged JavaScript web applications we need to add some stuff to React. Redux is one way to get the functionality you need to build a robust web application using React.

This class will be a walkthrough of an existing, open-source React and Redux application. We will focus on the core concepts necessary to start using React and Redux, and hopefully students will leave class with a knowledge of how to use these tools together. As an added benefit, we'll be using Phoenix's build pipeline, which is based on Brunch.js. Also, we'll be using ES6.

I will post a Google Hangout on the whiteboard before class.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on May 24, 2016 at Noisebridge
22 students were there


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