San Francisco
September 2, 2014

Intro to Rails: Views

We'll look into how Rails renders views. We'll use ERB for this class.

This class will go over view rendering in Rails. We'll go over the basics of ERB, and dig into some of the following topics:

  • Helper methods
  • Breaking up big view files
  • Defensive coding (how to avoid those annoying nil object errors)
  • Specifying views in the controller
  • Using different layouts for different views.

Participants should be familiar with web programming and the MVC paradigm. Familiarity with Ruby, and Ruby on Rails, will be helpful but is not required. Participants should also have a Ruby on Rails development environment ready to go; if this is a problem check out Nitrous.IO.

You might want to look over the RailsGuide chapter on views.

I'll post a link to a Google Hangout on the whiteboard at class time.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on September 2, 2014 at Noisebridge
7 students were there


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