San Francisco
August 9, 2016

Intro to Rails - East Bay Part I

Introduction to web application development using Ruby on Rails, part one.

This is a two-part class at the Berkeley Public library's Central Branch, in the 3rd floor meeting room. The second class listing is here

This class is a basic introduction to making web applications using Ruby on Rails. Some basic experience with an object oriented programing language will be useful. If you're not familiar with Ruby (or a similar language like Python or JavaScript), check out Code Academy's Ruby resources. If you'd like to code along during class, please have Ruby and Rails installed and set up on your computer before class. We have more info in our FAQ.

We'll go over the Model-View-Controller pattern for building web apps, and dive in by using Rails to create a simple application without using generators or scaffolding.

I will post a link to a Google hangout on the Whiteboard just before class starts.

5:30pm Pacific - 7:30pm Pacific on August 9, 2016 at Berkeley Central Library
14 students were there


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