San Francisco
March 15, 2016

Intro to Elixir

Learn a fun, mind-expanding language we can use to build fast, current, robust web apps.

This is a the first part of a two-class series on Elixir and Phoenix. I'll teach a Phoenix class on 3/29 (Phoenix is a web framework built with Elixir)

Elixir is a functional programming language with a Ruby-like syntax that runs on the Erlang virtual machine. This is cool because:

  • The Erlang VM is battle tested, has great concurrency support, and is fault-tolerant. We can use it to build incredibly fast, concurrent, robust web applications.

  • Learning functional programming is mind-expanding and a great way to improve your skills.

  • Elixir's Ruby-ish syntax and great tooling make it a compelling alternative to Ruby in some cases. It's also fun!

We'll build a simple program (not a web app) using Elixir, as a way to demonstrate some of the new concepts of the language. In particular we'll talk about pattern matching, Agents and state, and a lot of the language basics including types, syntax, etc.

Instead of a codewars challenge, please look over functional programming. You can do it in Ruby or JavaScript (!), and the web has lots of tutorials. Here is a good overview of the concepts.

Also, you need to have Elixir installed on your machine. Installing Elixir

Hangout will be posted on the whiteboard before the event starts.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on March 15, 2016 at Noisebridge
18 students were there


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