San Francisco
April 7, 2015

Even More D3 Data Visualization

More on D3 Data Visualization: Enter, Exit, Update selections (one more time!) and JSON backends

This is a follow-up class to D3 Data Visualization about six weeks ago but suitable for all comers. We will be covering D3 Enter, Exit and Update (a GOOD explanation this time, I promise :-) as well as hooking up to a JSON backend (a public Google Docs Spreadsheet or other such external JSON store).

Been having some trouble with Google Hangouts but I will post a link here soon.

If you want to follow along, have a code editor and chrome browser available. You might want to be sure you've got your google docs password available, though this is not mandatory.

note: I might be running late in starting (715pm?) but the show will go on!

note 2: I'm here, we should be on time. But it will be a laid back class today as I'm a bit sick.

google on air:

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on April 7, 2015 at Noisebridge
13 students were there


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