San Francisco
December 30, 2014

Downloadable Excel Spreadsheets with Paperclip

Sometimes your users want to download spreadsheets - for example, their TPS Reports. Setting up Rails to do this with Excel and persistent storage is a fun feature to code.

Often times you need to make some sort of file, for example, a spreadsheet, available for your users to download. While this is kind of a boring feature, coding this feature in a robust way is fun! We'll set up a spreadsheet export/download feature that can handle massive files, will persistently store those files for users to download at any time, and will be secure.

While doing this we'll learn about some popular Rails gems like Paperclip, learn some more about basic Ruby programming, explore Amazon's S3 storage service, and learn how to make non-restful controller actions. This pattern can be applied to all sorts of files, not just spreadsheets.

This is is a beginner-intermediate class. If you know a little bit of Ruby (or Python or something similar) and have spent any amount of time with Rails you'll probably get something out of it. Students should have Rails installed on their laptops and be familiar with Rails, Ruby, and MVC web app architecture.

I will post a hangout link on request -- you can email me or just drop a note in the Whiteboard at class time.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on December 30, 2014 at Noisebridge
7 students were there


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