San Francisco
September 17, 2013

Deploying Rails Apps With Capistrano

Let's use Capistrano, the conventional Ruby web app deploy script, and Phusion Passenger+nginx, an easy and mainstream Ruby server, to deploy an app to a VPS

This class requires some Rails and UNIX background.

Please be prepared by having a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 Server (or very similar) VPS provisioned.

Free EC2 instance

If you need a VPS, you can create a free (with credit card) AWS account at AWS Free Usage Tier and launch an EC2 Micro instance for free for 1 year.

Once you've created your AWS account, log in to the AWS Management Console and click on "EC2".

Then click the blue "Launch Instance" button, select the "Quick Launch Wizard" radio button, create a new key pair and save it in the ~/.ssh directory on your local machine. Choose the Launch Configuration labeled "Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS" and select the "32-bit" radio button.

Then click "Continue" and click "Launch". You should get a message that your instance is launching.

If you get an error message "Each network interface requires either a subnet or a network interface ID.", close and open the Quick Launch Wizard, and repeat the above steps but don't click the "Launch" button. Instead, click "Edit Details" and then click "Save Details". Now when you click the "Launch" button it should work.

After your new instance comes up (usually takes a couple minutes), find it in the instance list and look for its hostname, eg.

Then shell into your instance with a command like

$ ssh [email protected] -i ~/.ssh/gabe-aws-personal.pem

(replace the key file name with whatever you named your key file)

Once you can shell into your instance, you are ready for class.

If you have trouble, please ask for help on our Starmonkeys Google Group.

The tools we will use

I'll post a hangout link in the whiteboard at 7pm.

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on September 17, 2013 at Noisebridge
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