San Francisco
April 16, 2015

Controllers and Auth

Now that we've covered what Views and Models are, we're going to explore how our controllers piece these components together. We'll then tackle the related subject of how to authenticate and authorize our users.

Our domain logic is in our Models (and the database), and our users interact with our Views, but tying these together is the responsibility of our Controllers.

Controllers are also a great place to put authentication (the idea of a current user making requests) and authorization (is the current user allowed to perform this task) logic.

In this class we'll cover how to add different users to our site who can sign up, login, and perform different tasks based on their roles.


Be sure to complete the following Codewars challenge before class! (If your RailsSchool profile includes your Codewars username, you'll get a nifty star if you complete the challenge.)

2:30pm Pacific - 4:30pm Pacific on April 16, 2015 at Coshx Labs
6 students were there


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