San Francisco
June 14, 2016

Growing Community w/ Games; Redis; TDD sprints

Building Communities Through Games, Redis, TDD Sprinting, and Open Source Collaboration

In this event we'll do a code walk of adventure_channel, a ruby based IRC game bot that's being built under a TDD methodology. The kicker? The outermost design pattern of this playful app is MVC, just like rails one of the leading industry-grade web frameworks! At the end of the course, we'll see if it's possible to break off into groups of 2-3 and begin pairing on the code. Ideally the breakdown would be 1 experienced rails dev guiding 1-2 newer folks at the keyboard. Failing that setup, the group can watch as I conduct a few iterations TDD and speak out loud my thought process.

Expect to take away a better understanding of 'why' MVC in rails, and 'what' MVC really is. Additionally, there's a fun opportunity to see how a Sr. Rails dev would organize game logic and architect it such that the front-end/ delivery mechanism could be easily switched over to something other than that of the original prototype (e.g. HTML canvas, webGL, SDL, etc).


  • Git
  • git hub account so you can fork adventure_channel
  • Intermediate software engineering skills or an interest in watching people code

7pm Pacific - 9pm Pacific on June 14, 2016 at Noisebridge
9 students were there


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